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About Us

Photographic fan-art has emerged as an exciting element of pop culture in recent years, making its appearance across social media as well as in exhibitions and conventions around the world.

Representing the best of the fast growing global toy-photography community, Wonderfactory nurtures the spontaneous creativity of the most talented and most dedicated fan-artists to produce the most interesting and relevant contemporary art form of our times.

With exclusive rights to these derivative art, we make decorative products for the home of the modern consumer, and stage themed exhibitions in major cities to indulge the consumer in the universal love of pop culture, and develop toy photography as an evolved form of play and expression in the modern age of social media.

Check out some of Wonderfactory's past events on our official Facebook page:

The Most Relevant Art Form of Our Times — December 2019, AUNN Cafe, Shanghai, China 

The Moment — October 2019, WK Gallery, Beijing, China 

Play>Create! — October 2018, Taikoo Hui, Shanghai, China 

Stan Lee's Comic Universe — October 2018, World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre, Shanghai, China

Awaken The Creativity — August 2015, Jing'An Kerry Centre, Shanghai, China.   

Celebrate The Force — May 2015, Suntec City Atrium, Singapore 

The Wonderfactory Journey

Dec 2019

Wonderfactory stages its first-ever pop-up exhibition in the immensely popular 'Instagram-hot' AUNN Café along Nanjing West Road in Shanghai, with 12 pieces of work from 8 Wonderfactory Artists available for purchase.  The café sees 800 customers per day, and Wonderfactory achieves the breakthrough of merchandising in high-traffic food and beverage establishments. 

Nov 2019

Wonderfactory Contemporary Art products are merchandised in trendy designer-lifestyle retail brand HOW Store along Wangfujin Road in Dongcheng District, Beijing City, as well as in hi-street fashion retailer DRUG! along Xinle Road, Shanghai City, China. 


Oct 2019

Wonderfactory exhibition ‘The Moment’ opens in collaboration with ArturLife at the WK Gallery in Beijing, China. 29 pieces of exquisite and limited edition art from 10 Wonderfactory Artists are exhibited for sale.

Sep 2019

Wonderfactory participates in ‘The Shining’ - a design themed exhibition featuring the unique works of art toy designers in China - and is featured as a platform to provide an international contrast to how the rest of the world differs from the Chinese market.

The collective grows to 30 artists, and 63 additional artist-collaborators on file, with over 2,400 images in its image library.

Aug 2019

15 pieces of Wonderfactory Artists’ works are selected by Chinese photographer long-time fan and collaborator Mr. Wu Xiaopeng to represent the state of innovation within photography, in a fringe exhibition ‘Living in Interesting Times’ at the 8th Dali International Photography Festival in Yunnan, China.  

Wonderfactory DALI

Jul 2019

Wonderfactory is commissioned to enhance the world premiere of DinoQuest - a dinosaur exhibition curated by Australian palaeontologist Emeritus Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich - at the Singapore Science Centre.

Images by dinosaur toy photographers were exhibited as an insight into the interactive nature of the hobby, and a way for fans to engage with the world of the dinosaurs.

The exhibition opened over 120 days and saw a total of 95,000 visitors.

Oct 2018

The first-ever Stan Lee Comic Convention in China opens at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre, with a 250-sqm Wonderfactory booth showcasing toy photography of the world. 144 pieces of works by 47 photographers were exhibited to 45,000 visitors over 3 days.  Visit Wonderfactory's booth at the Convention here.

Wonderfactory stages a 35-day themed exhibition in a 510sqm gallery space at premium mall HKRI Taikoo Hui, along Nanjing West Road in Shanghai, China. Titled ‘Play>Create!’, the exhibition featured 230 pieces of work from 56 toy photographers from around the world. 9,000 people bought tickets to visit the exhibition, which was rated 5-star on 'Dazhong Dianping' - China’s largest ticketing and events-rating platform.  Check out the themed exhibition here.

Jul 2018

Wonderfactory signs a strategic partnership with Shanghai DLG, as Official Creative Image Partner for the inaugural Stan Lee Comic Convention in Shanghai, China.

Toy photography from Wonderfactory Artists and Featured Photographers begin making their appearance in the event’s official publicity materials.  

Jun 2018

At non-profit organisation Willing Hearts’ 2018 Charity Gala Dinner at the Seletar Golf & Country Club in Singapore, Wonderfactory Artist Seno Haryo’s ‘Godfather’ (700x500mm) is auctioned at US$650, and Wonderfactory Artist Isaac Renteria’s ‘Colours of the Wind’ (1100x790mm) at US$5,700; the highest price ever transacted for a piece of toy photography.

Add to your collection a piece of Isaac Renteria's amazing 'Colours of the Wind' here.
Add to your collection a piece of Seno Haryo's beautiful 'Godfather' here.  
Mar 2018

The Wonderfactory collective grows to 16 artists. Online gallery www.wonderfactory.art is launched with 54 images in its offering.

Dec 2015

Wonderfactory is invited to stage a 45-day exhibition at The Gallery by its owners, along Moganshan Road in Shanghai, featuring toy photography as a reflection of pop culture as perceived by global fans.

At the exhibition, regional news broadcaster Channel News Asia interviews Kenny as a representative of the fan-artist community for his opinion of how the Chinese views Star Wars, in a story leading up to the launch of The Force Awakens - the first Star Wars film produced by Lucasfilm as a part of Disney.

Sep 2015

Wonderfactory is commissioned by toy distributor Big Box (Singapore) to create exclusive images as part of the launch of the limited edition Jiangshi Bearbrick by Medicom Toys at the Singapore Toys and Game Convention 2015 in Suntec City. 3,500 pieces of Jiangshi Bearbricks were sold out over 2 days.

Aug 2015

Wonderfactory is commissioned by Kerry Properties Ltd to stage a contemporary art exhibition in the iconic Jingan Kerry Centre, along Nanjing West Road in Shanghai, China.

Works from 11 photographers were featured in the exhibition, and 112 pieces of framed prints were sold over 30 days, once again proving the market’s demand for unique contemporary art. Visit this industry breakthrough here.


Wonderfactory receives the gracious invitation of Mr. Hanson Khoo, who runs Little Red Brick, to be part of Star Wars Day at the Suntec City, Singapore. Creative works from 8 photographers were exhibited and offered for sale as framed prints to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Singapore, the local chapter of the international organisation helping cancer-stricken children. Visit this historic milestone here

45 pieces of framed prints were sold over 2 days, proving Wonderfactory’s premise that toy photography is accepted as art by the general public. The project raised over US$4,000 for the foundation.


Wonderfactory is founded by Singaporean Kenny Lim, with the vision to identify, develop and market the best fan-art created by the toy photographer community, as the latest form of contemporary art most accurately representing the pop culture of our times.

Our Take On Quality

You found something you really like. In fact, it feels like the art found you when it jumped out from the screen and seemed to speak to you.

You now want it to do so in your own space.

We ensure that it will, by making sure the materials we use and the workmanship of our production breathe life to the spirit of the image.

Giclee Publishing

Publishing is done in an EPSON-certified laboratory, on the Surecolor P20080 large format fine art printer, using only advanced and authentic Epson UltraChrome Pro ink cartridge technology to ensure the most colour-accurate and vivid of image prints.

Wonderfactory prints are published on 305gsm Photo Rag 100% cotton archival paper with ultra smooth surface texture from German paper-maker Hahnemühle.

The publishing process follows a rigorous checklist that ensures the printed visuals are colour and definition-accurate, with certified print permanence age of 60 years.

Impress your friends. Learn about print permanence here.

Impress yourself. Check out the specs of the product of the art you are buying here.

Packaging For Shipping

Wonderfactory prints are packed into specially-made corrugated carton carriers, with the four corners of the carrier structurally reinforced with protective cardboard spines, and wrapped in PVC cling film on the outside, proofing the package against water-damage, shape-stress, and slippage during shipping and delivery.


Technicians follow strict protocols in handling of prints, working in a dust-free cleanroom to prepare each print for mounting and framing.

Frame And Glaze

  • Framed Giclee prints are hand-assembled with ultra-durable aluminum frames cut to measurement, attached to mat board cut with the market leading WIZARD 9000 CMC (Computerised Mat Cutter), with a thickness of 3.0mm and a 45° bevel to provide an exquisite highlight to the print. It is protected by a transparent 3.0mm organic Plexiglass glaze.
  • Acrylic Sandwich Giclee prints are hand-assembled between 4.0mm aluminium and 3.0mm Degussa Plexiglas, permanently attached to the prints with Neschen Gudy® mounting film.


Depending on where you are in the world, shipping is done through one of our 4 logistics partners, with package tracking through their official platforms.

Just The Few In The World

In the age of mass consumerism, it has become harder to find things that express who we are. Decorative art at home is one such thing, helping to define your personal space and making a statement of what you find beautiful, and what you love.

The images in our gallery is globally exclusive to Wonderfactory, and will not be reproduced beyond the limited edition quantity agreed between the Artist and the Wonderfactory collective. In years to come, it will be a unique reflection into the era it was created, and the state of pop-culture as civilisation knew it. The price of the print of any particular image rises by 10% with every 10-20 pieces purchased into private collection.

Wonderfactory Artists and the Wonderfactory collective are committed to keeping to the limited production for each creation, as it forms the cornerstone of our faith in the quality of our products, and the ability of our talented community to create new art over time.

We love that you own something that the rest of the world do not have.

A certificate of authenticity accompanies every Wonderfactory print, providing an introduction of the Artist, title of the piece, its dimensions, and the format in which it is presented.

Understanding The Emergence Of An Entirely New Art Form

Toy photography fan-art has emerged as an exciting element of pop culture in recent years, making its appearance in exhibitions and conventions around the world. As an art form, it captures the state of pop-culture more accurately and timely than any other art form, and is increasingly being collected by adventurous art collectors and decorators around the world. Take a look at our exclusive films, introducing the collective and some of the artists working with us, giving life to their interpretations of everything we love in pop-culture.