Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Wonderfactory?

We are the only collective in the world to have created and are managing an ecosystem that identifies the talent, dedication and effort that goes into the creation of toy photography by pop-culture Fan-Artists as contemporary art, and to make these unique art pieces available to the general collector.

Read about Wonderfactory's story here.

Why Buy Wonderfactory?

Because we all love beautiful things.

Note that what you see here in this gallery are exclusive works developed by - and available only from - Wonderfactory.

Our pieces are curated from the creative library of a select group of talented artists from around the world, and produced exclusively as art with the finest of materials and workmanship.

Each print is committed by each of the artists and our founding team, to be produced in limited quantities worldwide. We also make our utmost efforts to restrict access to our source files to ensure that these images are in the hands of only a few, worldwide.

Our publishing process includes anti-counterfeiting measures to ensure that Wonderfactory products are hard to duplicate, through the use of expensive materials and technology.

Each print is then numbered on a certificate of authenticity that is embossed with Wonderfactory's stamp over a handwritten print number.  Check out the overview of our products' specifications in the product pages.  

We are committed to make each of the items you purchase, a unique and rare piece of print owned by only a limited number of people worldwide.


Most images are available in a maximum of 3 sizes, based on the suitability of each visual. They are (i) mounted in premium durable aluminium frames, with sturdy grooves that a nail on a wall can easily latch on, (ii) attached with Neschen Gudy® mounting film to 4mm premium aluminium board in an exposed format, or (iii) attached with Neschen Gudy® mounting film to 3mm Degussa Plexiglas glaze.

Your choice of product size depends on what effect you would like to create in your premises, taking into account existing furniture, decoration and the size of the wall space you want to fill.

Check out this little guide below to choosing the right size of wall art for your needs.

The prices for each of Wonderfactory's products goes to cover the costs of materials and production process, royalties to the artists for their talent and effort, and towards maintaining Wonderfactory's platform to spot talent. The search for an equilibrium between quality and acceptable pricing took us years, and we are now able to offer a quality that would surprise you at the prices they are offered at.
Return & Exchange
(Numbered Products)

Wonderfactory's products are limited edition and individually numbered, and we ask for your understanding that we will protect this principle with our utmost efforts.

As Wonderfactory products are custom-made and administered by hand throughout the publishing, framing and packaging process, some minute imperfections may occur in the complex process. We commit that the external-facing parts of our products are in perfect condition, but ask for your understanding that there may be imperfections, i.e. signs of workmanship, micro-scratches, on the back of the product (wall facing) caused by human handling of the products. Wonderfactory will not exchange products due to said imperfections.

With our courier partner, Wonderfactory takes responsibility for ensuring that your purchased numbered products are delivered to you in a condition befitting of immediate appreciation. In the event that a product is damaged during delivery, we will be happy to provide a replacement or a credit note on any non-sale item, after we are informed within 7 days of receipt of the item, providing that the item remains unused and is in its original condition. We will require the original receipt as proof of purchase.