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Trails are the clearest evidence of the uncharted journeys people have taken. 

"I've always found inspiration in nature, and often times, fishing is the most relaxing activity to do here in my village. So most of us see being on a boat as a very natural past-time. 

This particular shot was taken in the backyard of my home, which is a paddy field. I used a coconut husk as a boat and a intricate piece of dried leaf as its sail.  

The husk-boat had to be held in place with a twig underwater since it doesn't float on its own. I laid prone on the ground by the edge of the water and held my camera slightly above the water surface for this shot. This small trail in the middle of the paddy field looks like a wide river even though it is barely one-foot wide.  

I like that the colours in the images contrast rather nicely, and that the Ewoks seem to be sailing down this water trail for the very first time."

Zahir Batin

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